Corporate Social

Protecting the environment is one of core activities of PCIC. The company implemented a standard procedure for Environment and ensures these standards fall firmly within the guidelines outlined by Kuwait’s Environment Public Authority (KEPA).

PCIC’s drive to safeguard the environment from construction through to operations ensures zero harm to the environment and the communities in which it operates.

Emission Control
PCIC has incorporated one of the most advanced emission control systems in the world, with monitoring equipment installed for continuous monitoring. Efficient Gas Sulfur Absorption (GSA) and Bag house were installed to ensure minimum emissions to the atmosphere. Emissions are monitored using Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS).

Waste Management
The production of the calcined coke and control of emissions results in a generation of solid and liquid wastes. All of these are identified and appropriate procedures for handling, storage and disposal are employed. Opportunities for waste reduction and for improvements in waste handling are continually assessed and implemented. In particular, opportunities to reuse, recycle and recover waste materials are pursued wherever feasible.

Water Use and Recycling
Calcination process is essentially a dry process. However, some amount of water is needed for the cooling process and for cleaning. PCIC uses desalinated water to meet potable water requirements at the plant. Our aim is to minimize the consumption of water and maximize the reuse and recycling of treated waste water.

To make PCIC a zero effluent discharge calciner, a state-of-the-art industrial effluent treatment system was installed. Treated water from waste water treatment plant is recycled for reuse of the water for plantation and for plant purpose as a potable water.